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WordySoulspeak 专辑首发 5月27号 愚公移山

Monday, April 25th, 2011

wordy soulspeak yu gong yi shan

一直在高处 High All The Time (右键另存为下载)

WordySoylspeak是由3次中国Dmc冠军dj wordy, 和来自洛杉矶 Soulspeak 的全新组合,中国有史以来质量最好的Hiphop音乐专辑,就此诞生!

当晚,Dj Wordy 和 Soulspeak 会用让你眼花缭乱的技巧,在现场演奏他们专辑里的所有曲目,带你感受他们的厚重节奏,见证新的hiphop音乐历史。


我不相信这是来自中国的声音,这太疯狂了﹣ Pete Rock

我想在这些音乐上面说唱 – RZA from Wu Tang Clan

太棒了,我可以不止一遍的听这张专辑﹣Kidd koala

这张专辑让我找回了hiphop的感觉﹣Dj Craze

Wow 这张专辑的工作太让我吃惊了 – Dave Cooley

我已经把他放进我最爱的播放列表里了 -Dj Qbert

Dj Wordy and Soulspeak 2011 first album release party.  May 27th, Friday at Yu Gong Yi shan.

WordySoulspeak is Group of 2 Djs/ Beatmakers Consisting of 3 times DMC Champion Dj Wordy and Soulspeak (Los Angeles).  The freshest hip hop music album in Chinese “Good” music history.

This night will be a event not to forget, consisting of amazing DJ/ live performances and breathtaking visuals.  A mix of new original music and live remixes of all genres of good music.  Come get your groove and snap your neck.

“I can’t believe this sound from china , this is crazy”-  Pete Rock

“I wanna rap on these beats.” -RZA from Wu Tang Clan

“Good Stuff,  i can listen this album over and over ” -  Kid Koala

“This album brings me back to that good ol’ hip hop feeling.”  Dj Craze

“Wow.  Amazing work.” -Dave Cooley

” This album is in my favorite playlist  now ” – Dj Qbert

WordySoulspeak interview with cityweekend beijing

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

wordy soulspeak

完整的采访在这里 :check the full interview here

WordySoulspeak 2011 Album Cover Art Preview

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

dj wordy soulspeak 2011 album

这是我们专集的封面,记住这个爆炸了的灯泡!!!!! 正式CD 5月27号和你们见面!!!!!

WordySoulspeak 2011 Album 采访

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Missy Elliot – Work it ( WordySoulspeak Remix)

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Missy Elliot work it wordy soulspeak remix

Missy Elliot – Work it ( WordySoulspeak Remix) 右键另存为下载

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