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HotPot vol.11

Friday, November 21st, 2008



“HOTPOT” #11 giving thanks for the continued support.  This time DJ Lomang (NYC) and Beijing’s 3 x China DMC Champion, DJ Wordy, turn up the heat with a special tag team set that will include Wordy crab scratching and Lomang waving his hands.

For the Beijing revelers tired of hearing the same commercial hip hop and/or house electro tracks over and over night after night, “HOTPOT” brings together an eclectic crowd united by the noble goals of (1) zoomma-zoom-zoom’ing (in your boom boom…per your discretion) and (2) just having fun.
Mixing it up from hip hop electro to funk rock n’ roll and most exclusive remixes tracks.
“HOTPOT “is Beijing’s first world-class dance party for music lovers’ with world-class booty, jiggling to exclusive tracks from New York to Paris.

No hype, just bangers.

“HOTPOT” 北京的第一个世界级跳舞派对,这也是一场派对的革命。你是否已经厌倦了整晚一便又一便被重复播放的hiphop,或者整晚全是一种节奏的让你头疼的电子 乐,那么在“HOTPOT”的派对里不会,在这里汇聚了不同肤色,不同国籍的舞客,没有天花乱坠所谓的世界排名dj,只有对音乐的狂热。
来自纽约 的 dj lomang 和中国连续3次的dmc冠军dj wordy 只会用他们的唱片机和混音台说话,给你带来不同风格的派对音乐从hip hop electro bmore 到 funk,rock n’ roll 还有目前世界上最新最独有的再混音舞曲。让你感受和国际同步的疯狂派对夜晚。